woensdag 10 september 2014

CIRCLE TALK 90 ibinik


Required are windy plains. Required are clear waterfalls. Required are
   empty tracks. Required are modern temperatures
In the gravel. Under the plane. In the field. Behind the hedge. In the height. 
    In the outer-cold
We will lay ourselves open to this storm. We will gain control over our 
  sensitivity to volcanoes. We will prove stars

Required are yellowed cheerletters. Required is thunderous applause. The 
   concerthall is redesigned. The counter is closed. The measure is renewed. The 
       painting is covered
There is whistling
We will lay ourselves open to these cameras

Required are bright beacons. Required are tarred ropes. Required are
   roaring engines
In the deckhouse. On the quay. The whistling-buoy is confiscated. The deck is
     scrubbed. The porthole is blinded
There is capsizing. There is scooping
We will lay ourselves open to this controlling-one-controlling-the-course. We will 
     gain control over our sensitivity to fluctuations. We will sail the seven miles 
  that separate us from the polynesian night

Required are water resitant vitamines. Required are reinforced hormones. 
    Required is cataloged DNA. Required is fragrant lavender soap
In the membrane
Under the heel. There is washing

Required are massaged limbs. Required are untraceable duds. Required are
  passive identities. Required are supporting paces
The radar is put into use. The felt is steamed. In the lavet. The fight is prevented.
    The hunting-one-hunting-beams is loved. The satellite is launched. The
   regression is observed
There is nodding. There is shooting
We will lay ourselves open to this radiation. We will gain control over the cramps 
   in our fists

Required are peppered statements. Required are fresh reports. Required is
   sweet revenge
During the cooking. The walnut is broken. The scale is calibrated. The shiprat
     is crushed. With the menu. The eating-one is approved. The caring-one-
  taking-care -of-the-wares is smiled at
There is drinking. There is digesting. There is licking. There is swallowing. There
    is weeping
We will cool our bellies with morning vibrations

Required are fleeting touches. Required are not-started inventories. Required 
     is impotent rummaging
The relationship is betrayed. In the bed. During the uproar. The opium is
There is philosophizing. There is annoying
We will lay ourselves open to the 167 visiting-ones. We will gain control over 
  our sensitivity to visions. We will be blooming in a scanty mode and be scanty 
    in a blooming mode. We will set our front-relatives at rest on a bed of pine 


                              Akasif Ibinik
                                                  Required are sustainable names. Required are calm meetings
                                                  In the sleeping area. The storm is endured
                                                  I, Akasif Ibinik, will lay myself open to the moonlight. I, Akasif Ibinik, will gain 
                                                      control over my sensitivity to passive groping. I, Akasif Ibinik, will report the 
                                                    sinking of  the threemaster

                                                  Required are spontaneous strolls. Required are unexpected origins. Required are 
                                                     copper mountings
                                                  In the castle. In the greenhouse. The glass is fitted
                                                  I, Akasif Ibinik, will lay myself open to these dynamics. I, Akasif Ibinik, will gain 
                                                      control over my disgust in front of the camera

                                                  Required brazen scales. Required bare portals. Required are optimal language
                                                      components. Required bizarre agreements. Required is double sorrow fear
                                                  During the demolition. The touch is forgotten. The azalea is drowned. In the
                                                       waterfall. The anemone is admired. In the forest grass
                                                  I, Akasif Ibinik, will make manifest the system thinking. I, Akasif Ibinik, will 
                                                   determine these qualities

                                                  Required are earthly skills. Required are masked front-relatives. Required are 
                                                       liquid talents. Required is washed lusciousness
                                                  The beacon is put up. The staircase is installed. In the warehouse. In the 
                                                       landscape. The spruce is felled. The joke is cut
                                                  There is standing
                                                  I, Akasif Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to agility factors. I, Akasif 
                                                    Ibinik, will be invisible visible and visible invisible. I, Akasif Ibinik, will grab
                                                     while I revolve and revolve while I grab

                                                  Required are stacked walls. Required are slow sambas. Required are hot yams. 
                                                     Required are contrarian riddles
                                                  On the map. The beach is re-engineered. The ration is burned. The triangle is
                                                  I, Akasif Ibinik, will lay myself open to the Tididran. I, Akasif Ibinik, will lay 
                                                     myself open to exile to the edge. I, Akasif Ibinik, will be transported by putting 
                                                    on a tiara

                                                  Required are desperate patterns. Required are appropriate categories. Required 
                                                     are fanatical choices
                                                  The specification is torn. The factory is abandoned. The climate is controlled. In 
                                                      the street-for-walking-ones-walking-through
                                                  Today I, Akasif Ibinik, will take care of the banquet

                                                  Required are wooden balls. Required are vibrant waltzes. Required are 
                                                     unexpected intentions
                                                  The number is trusted. The force is inventoried
                                                  I, Akasif Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to softness

                                                  Required are active a-factors. Required are nocturnal plans
                                                  The tension is measured. The mass is named. The cake is appreciated. The
                                                      dance is discontinued
                                                  I, Akasif Ibinik, will lay myself open to this magic. I, Akasif Ibinik, will gain 
                                                    control over my triple desire. I, Akasif Ibinik, will close my belt pouch with 
                                                      cotton ribbons

                              Pliddasch Ibinik
                                                  Required are labile fights. Required are uncongenial conventions. Required are 
                                                       tasty attentions
                                                  The knee is photographed. The blinds are pulled open. The oil is stored. The 
                                                      combination is approved. The passion is tested. The category is discarded.
                                                    The magic is translated
                                                  In the gaze. There is dictating
                                                  I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will be frightened. I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will musically meditate. 
                                                      I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will let this diving-one-diving-for-a-frog-from-baykiki 
                                                    embrace me

                                                  Required are dominant children. Required are wintry inner planets. Required  
                                                      are anti-turning wind turbines. Required are muscular producing-people-
                                                    producing-instruments. Required are coherent angles. Required are sensible 
                                                     ingredients. Required are impressive pauses. Required is sensuous confidence
                                                  The amazement is awakened. The reverence is expected. The shiver is measured. 
                                                    In the dedication. In the challenge. In the movement. In the repetition. The
                                                       disillusion is mapped out. The chimera is calculated
                                                  There is substituting. There is varying
                                                  At the crack of dawn I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will mail the publication in which I 
                                                      present my model of thought. I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will be a favorite thrice

                                                  Required are spicy corn cobs. Required are new rivers. Required are fickle 
                                                    wishful dreams. Required is surprising content
                                                  The television show is viewed. The adornment is forged. The rocket is greased
                                                  There is supplying
                                                  I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will exactly categorize each retina process

                                                  Required are physical poems. Required are invisible faces. Required are dazzling 
                                                       pigments. Required are enigmatic rhythmes. Required are shaded patios. 
                                                     Required is directed illumination. Required is agreeable arbitrariness
                                                  I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will lay myself open to this gummi doll. I, Pliddasch Ibinik, 
                                                     will publish the qualitative research on my fossil collection. I, Pliddasch Ibinik, 
                                                       will lie with a Razanzib. I, Pliddasch Ibinik, will fly with a Razanzib. I, 
                                                    Pliddasch Ibinik, will glitter like a Razanzib

                              Lui Ibinik
                                                  Required are subtle disclosings. Required are fresh leaves. Required are noisy
                                                      parrots. Required are awesome audios. Required is pacific listening. Required 
                                                    is rough whispering
                                                  The owl sound is recorded. In the dovecote
                                                  There is cleansing
                                                  I, Lui Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to grapevines

                                                  Required are velvet fists. Required are airy circle houses. Required are 
                                                     standardized estimates. Required are polished crossbows. Required is tumbling 
                                                    precision. Required is sensory efficiency. Required is partial darkening
                                                  On the outer planet. In the warehouse. The housecat is caressed. The expression 
                                                      is endured
                                                  There is speaking out. There is reading through
                                                  I, Lui Ibinik, will gain control over my triviality. I, Lui Ibinik, will flow out till 
                                                    every possible unhappiness has been actual. I, Lui Ibinik, will drown the 
                                                      horse straps in rosewater

                                                  Required are sloping dunes. Required are framed cheerletters. Required are 
                                                      beautiful  weeping-ones
                                                  The skin is determined. The shuffle-shoe is adorned. The pollen is collected. The
                                                      onion is peeled. During the downpour
                                                  At the northern facade. There is polluting
                                                  I, Lui Ibinik, will avoid the mosquitos through the south wing. I, Lui Ibinik, will 
                                                        transfer my herbs remnants to Belelli Tididran

                                                  Required are impetuous crests. Required are plum wooden settling-houses
                                                  The perfume bottle is exhausted. The belly is cooled. Between the sugarcane
                                                  I, Lui Ibinik, will dive deep under my top-layer. I, Lui Ibinik, will smell this need 
                                                    until in the noise I taste the silence

                              Wuwlaz Ibinik
                                                  Required are shy swallows. Required are steeled nerves. Required are frivolous 
                                                  The patience is enjoyed. The little dance-push is exchanged
                                                  I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will lay myself open to this duet. I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will make 
                                                    myself available for the summer harvest 

                                                  Required are sustainable supplies. Required are dualistic abstractions. Required 
                                                    are adobe walls. Required are fickle temperatures. Required are fiery charms
                                                  The score is adorned. The figure is noted down. The catalog is colored. The 
                                                       neighbor is revered. The hour is earned
                                                  There is subleasing. There is amusing. There is communicating
                                                  I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will lay myself open to this art. I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will ritualize 
                                                    my manner of arriving

                                                  Required are clear suggestions. Required are specific expressions. Required are
                                                     bridgeable distances. Required are delicious shoulders. Required is relentless 
                                                  Under the bridge
                                                  There is emphasizing. There is retracting
                                                  I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity for points-zero

                                                  Required are transporting menus. Required are bold penetrating-ones. Required 
                                                     are sober evening transfers
                                                  The sigh is heard. The minute is halved. The tricking-one-tricking-fast is abhorred. 
                                                       The gold dust is scattered
                                                  There is calculating. There is savoring
                                                  I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will be particular in a communal mode and communal in a 
                                                     particular mode

                                                  Required are systematic subjects. Required are multiple continuities
                                                  The concensus is unmasked. The fugue is rewritten. The opium is auctioned
                                                  There is recuperating. There is menstruating
                                                  I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to reserved luxury. I, 
                                                       Wuwlaz Ibinik, will lay myself open to these raw u-factors

                                                  Required are generous collecting-ones-collecting-data. Required is volatile 
                                                  The sky is crossed. Between the sugarcane 
                                                  In the jacuzzi. There is kissing. There is sniffing
                                                  I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will periodically lay myself open to stale calm. I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, 
                                                     will have my castle in the air renovated. I, Wuwlaz Ibinik, will be actually artificial 
                                                    and artificially actual

                              Ekezoe Ibinik
                                                  Required are confiscated whistling buoys. Required are sprinkling inflowings. 
                                                      Required is smoldering sympathy
                                                  The wild growth is admired. In the bloom. In the supplement. The fondness is 
                                                  There is plowing
                                                  I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity for sleeping-ones-sleeping-early

                                                  Required are green beaches. Required are rubbed rocks. Required is scorched 
                                                  During the season
                                                  The vision is trusted. The ration is burned 
                                                  I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will free these million cotton flowers from their flakes 

                                                  Required are good models. Required are cautious movements. Required are cosy 
                                                      approaches. Required are patient moments. Required is breathing blood
                                                  During the abundance. In the glow. The hat is fitted. The rage is fixated. The front-
                                                        perspective is suspected
                                                  There is encouraging
                                                  I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will lay my gut open to this food

                                                  Required sweet meringues. Required exuberant cherry blossoms. Required are
                                                      stiff connections. Required is cold couscous
                                                  The need is clear
                                                  On the shore. There is fostering. There is addressing
                                                  I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will lay myself open to photocameras. I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will gain 
                                                     control over my sensitivity to these gusts of wind

                                                  Required are intersecting corners. Required are warm feet
                                                  In the diary. There is naming. There is researching. There is greeting
                                                  I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will for a short period lay myself open to this visiting-one. I, 
                                                    Ekezoe Ibinik, will focus on the heart of the rust process. I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will
                                                     brighten my nitric flowers with glass beads

                                                  Required are accessible landscapes. Required are arbitrary wishes. Required are 
                                                      tried muscles. Required is overconfident language
                                                  The watching-one is forgotten. During the rapprochement. On the mat. Under the
                                                        hoof. The circle-cow is caressed
                                                  I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to starched cloths

                                                  Required are three-legged chairs. Required are lithe gummi-dolls. Required are 
                                                       cool hammocks. Required are sultry songs. Required is turbid water
                                                  In the sloop
                                                  There is calling
                                                  I, Ekezoe Ibinik, will in the buzz hear my name

                              Rokala Ibinik
                                                  Required are full models. Required are hollow tones. Required are clotting clouds. 
                                                       Required are large landscapes
                                                  The supplies are inspected
                                                  There is luring. There is launching
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will visit night addresses that tickle the eyes of walking-ones-

                                                  Required are round contacts. Required are covered bottom-layers. Required are 
                                                       cardboard hills
                                                  The contrast is accentuated. The convention is broken. During the evening. At
                                                    sunset. The contour is recorded. At sunrise
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will lay myself open to these sea cows

                                                  Required are agreeable north rocks. Required is balanced electronics. Required 
                                                       is communal wealth
                                                  The communication is suggested. In the patterns
                                                  In the honeycomb. There is pumping
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will lay myself open to this promise. I, Rokala Ibinik, will lay 
                                                      myself open to this belief

                                                  Required are uninvited visiting-ones. Required are incalculable mediocrities. 
                                                   Required are treacherous cherishing-ones. Required are sloppy salsas. Required 
                                                     are unrestrained detachments. Required are favorite trapezes. Required are lost 
                                                         models. Required are collapsing roofs. Required is rising tide. Required is 
                                                     flowing blood
                                                  The contract is embraced. The reproduction is photographed. In the self portrait.
                                                      Opposite the studio house. On the birth address. At the tower
                                                  With the foil. There is dominating. There is enduring
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will understand the shadow transformations. I, Rokala Ibinik, will 
                                                        for one morning be part of the Boreon

                                                  Required are mature weeds. Required is swirling happiness
                                                  In the attic
                                                  In the cave. There is frolicking. There is imitating
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will open myself by the light of a candle. I, Rokala Ibinik, will for 
                                                     one morning tolerate the surrender to cometic inner-images

                                                  Required are frivolous turns. Required are flawless methods. Required are modern 
                                                  The ruby is kissed 
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will open my gut to this need

                                                  Required are radioactive atmospheres. Required are logical streets. Required is 
                                                       endless repetition
                                                  The location is surrounded. The harvest is dried. In the forest. On the moss
                                                  With the crossbow. There is shooting. There is winking
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will let myself be enchanted by this gummi doll

                                                  Required are copper beads. Required are hypocritical voices. Required are 
                                                      transparant language components. Required is oxygen rich passion
                                                  The scalp is massaged. On the patio
                                                  I, Rokala Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to order. I, Rokala Ibinik, 
                                                       will survive all possible night activity

                              Terpan Ibinik
                                                  Required are tumbling slick-girls. Required are surrounding herons. Required are 
                                                      moonlit ponds
                                                  There is capsizing. There is demanding. There is refusing. There is screaming
                                                  I, Terpan Ibinik, will polish with silver sand the galley five times

                                                  Required are soft slow-growing-ones. Required are stiff muscles. Required is 
                                                     subtle doubt
                                                  The diligence is controlled. The stay is celebrated
                                                  I, Terpan Ibinik, will write with apple blossoms my name

                                                  Required are small mosaics. Required are heaving outer seas. Required are 
                                                    fleeting ones-holding-a-title-during-the weekends. Required is reproduced glitter. 
                                                     Required is liberating ravine mysticism
                                                  The urge to vanish is played. In the marketplace. Near the fountain. The brandy 
                                                       is distilled. The final score is noted down. The complexion is attended to. The
                                                     mile is extended
                                                  Around the island. There is sailing. There is auctioning
                                                  I, Terpan Ibinik, and you, in any possible form, will be equals

                                                  Required are unbroken corpses. Required are comparative methods. Required 
                                                      are accessible positions. Required is adequate language. Required is cheerful
                                                       affection. Required are deviant movements
                                                  Under the oak. During the practice
                                                  I, Terpan Ibinik, will wheeze until I gain control over my sensitivity to yardgeese 

                                                  Required are liberating measures of law. Required are distressingly beneficial 
                                                   driving-ones-driving-like-phantoms. Required are modest data. Required are chosen
                                                          preparations.Required are whimsical agility factors. Required are dedicated
                                                    producing-people-producing-clothes. Required is nimble slipping. Required is
                                                     smooth cutting. Required is transporting satisfaction. Required is intoxicating
                                                           brilliance. Required is physical closeness. Required is deluding slowness.
                                                       Required is unrestrained nakedness. Required is bound fickleness
                                                  The approval is described. The distinction is admired. The freedom is realized
                                                  I, Terpan Ibinik, will record on video the moment of farewell

                                                  Required are active identities. Required are delicious specialities. Required are 
                                                       productive imagination abilities. Required are particular qualities. Required are 
                                                     inimitable generation varieties. Required is joyful silence. Required is gay rising
                                                  The assistance is lend
                                                  There is catching up
                                                  I, Terpan Ibinik, am willing to string the beads on this thread

                                                  Required are tangible talents. Required are diligent fingers. Required are ripe apples.
                                                        Required is colorful happiness
                                                  The painting is viewed. The  friskiness is felt. The chess game is cancelled
                                                  I, Terpan Ibinik, will walk in front of myself when visiting this mysterious address

                              Hidesga Ibinik
                                                  Required are faithful women. Required are pale sambas. Required are tight veins. 
                                                       Required are blue spruces
                                                  I, Hidesga Ibinik, will lay myself open to these watching-ones full of fantasy

                                                  Required are revolving connections. Required are yellow ropes. Required is white 
                                                     dew. Required is heated inner-cold
                                                  The nugget of gold is pulverized
                                                  There is memorizing. There is building
                                                  I, Hidesga Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to old publications. I, Hidesga
                                                        Ibinik, will express joy with my shoulders

                                                  Required are multiple a-factors. Required are endless pauses. Required is flawless 
                                                     confidence. Required is cleansing salt
                                                  In the sauna. The wood is adorned
                                                  I, Hidesga Ibinik, will radiate enthusiasm

                              Belelli Ibinik
                                                  Required are indispensable ingredients. Required are starched clothes
                                                  There is launching. There is digesting. There is gathering. There is parasitizing.
                                                    There is trying. There is dictating. There is tolerating. There is composing.
                                                   There is isolating.There is conserving
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will lay myself open to this inventory. I, Belelli Ibinik, will lay
                                                       myself open to these confirmations. I, Belelli Ibinik, will lay myself open to
                                                    these distortions

                                                  Required are fragile necks. Required are one-sided phenomena. Required are 
                                                      particular systems. Required are grumbling ones-holding-a-title-during-the-
                                                    weekends. Required is uncontrolled mining
                                                  The exemplary boar is laid open. In the clay
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will set the beacons for this knowledge field

                                                  Required are yellowed cheerletters. Required is actual play
                                                  The castle is renewed
                                                  There is plastering. There is lingering
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will lay myself open to this imagination

                                                  Required are strict moods. Required is volatile lavender soap
                                                  There is realizing
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will gain control over my sensitivity to riddles. I, Belelli Ibinik, will
                                                      surrender to the pace of this hole. I, Belelli Ibinik, will let myself be caressed
                                                     between the elms

                                                  Required are collecting interactive-people. Required are approving cycling-ones-
                                                     cycling-rounds. Required are cataloged circle-people. Required are shy 
                                                       penetrating-ones. Required are labile hunting-ones-hunting-beams. Required 
                                                    are care-carrying stealing-ones-stealing-all
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will dance next to the ice cream factory. I, Belelli Ibinik, will for one
                                                     moment mingle with the hunting-ones-hunting-bounties

                                                  Required are variable limits. Required are trendy floating-ones-floating-in-the-air.
                                                      Required are tumbling dummies. Required are sophisticated experiments
                                                  The splash is caught. The loin-chunk is engraved
                                                  There is running
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will participate in a lush decade

                                                  Required are appropriate figures. Required are straight housefronts
                                                  The fight is ended. The braid is dried
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will slip off the afterdeck

                                                  Required are shaky scales. Required are outflanking movements. 
                                                      Required is fading noise
                                                  In the rain
                                                  There is obstructing. There is bringing about. There is representing
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will lay myself open to this healing

                                                  Required are massaged limbs. Required are mysterious numbers-of-the-ball
                                                  In the exhibition window
                                                  There is spending. There is satisfying
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will lay myself open to this recipe. I, Belelli Ibinik, will gain control 
                                                      over my sensitivity to mustard

                                                  Required are sharp designs. Required are strong hedges. Required are fresh accents
                                                  Under the star
                                                  In the concert hall. In the bed. There is betting
                                                  I, Belelli Ibinik, will lay myself open to this openess. I, Belelli Ibinik, will flutter like 
                                                     an Edmnala


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