maandag 4 augustus 2014

staying indoors a while

If the sun would shine
I also would go out

If the sun would shine
I would go to the house
that stands on the site
where once the short street ended
and the round plaza began

The round plaza is still there
but the short street is gone

A part of the short street
is now the garden of the house
where the man lives
who I would visit

The man is nice
but young

This is what I think
if he does not understand me

The man is nice
and young

This is what I think
when he laughs at me

He can speak handsomely, this man
Handsome words
Creating handsome phrases
Creating handsome tales

With a soft voice
So I get the feeling
it is especially for me
that he steers his lips

Later when I recall the story
I don't think it handsome
But when he tells it, I do

With few exceptions, the narratives
are about men who hunt wild beasts

And very exceptionally a story
about a man who hunts a woman 

Then I have to laugh
And then he thinks that he is funny

But I laugh because of his voice
Because of his voice that quivers
And I laugh because he talks louder 

And later he laughs with me

Because the sun is not shining
I will not go out
Under all circumstances
chances are that he is not at home
If the sun would shine
this would not be objectionable

On account of a stage having been built on the plaza in front of his house 
the plaza is a place where people who have dressed up fancy 
go to parade
Even if there is no music or dance or theater, they parade

If only the sun shines
Not now
Now they have dressed down
and sit in front of their television sets
Or they sit in the bar
and drink beer and brandy

The last time I went out
I got lost

I think that in the meantime 
they also closed the long street that ended in the round plaza

It was a mystery to me
what could have been their motive?

It certainly cannot be their intention
to make it impossible for me to visit a friend?

And I did not understand how other people
still find their way onto the plaza

And what about the stage?
No, I did not understand

I have thought about
asking him

But to date 
he never gave me an answer

If ever I ask a question
he tells a tale

And I listen and nod yes
and look far away

And once back home
I think about his answer

But it was no answer
It was nothing
but another one of his tales

No, if I am honest
even if the sun would shine
I would not go outside

If I am honest
I would rather stay inside a while longer
And read a little

My favorite poetry of the moment
Look, CHEZ MOI it says on the cover
There are seventeen, seventeen poems

I am going to read those again now
And after that
I wait for CHEZ MOI, Part 2
which is currently in the making

And after that, 
I will see then

© mc 1979-2014

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