woensdag 27 augustus 2014

my dog can be called by many names

But beautiful it was. A gloomy thing. But beautiful it was

And yet a word must be around in which you can be found. I will not start at the beginning. And yet a word must be around in which you can be found

Clumsily poking in the straw. No I want it. No I want it. What do I want?

Youth. Sentiment. You must swing with your times. I cry, but so that no one notices

Everyone just liking you, is not something to aspire to. Every philosophy has something of an identity card

M. goes home

Among the ones with no passport a blond girl. All kinds of different languages. Heated up spaghetti. The girl wants a beauty parlor. I want photographs

The story of the mouse

Don't fish for attention I thought. My dog ​​can be called by many names. And I said. On Sundays when the atmosphere in the park asks for it. I can keep up appearances, but. A noble name. But please. With an affected voice

Whether every day again brings weather. Am I sitting on my couch
Think. Talk. Dream
Talk. Dream. Think
Dream. Think. Talk
Think. Dream. Talk
Talk. Think. Dream
Dream. Talk. Think

You cannot deny an experience you have had. The development that you internally go through needs impulses from the environment. The result is that you have to take the step to substitute a false security for an uncertainty

One man one word. One woman. No I want it. What is meant by freedom?

Statements like I love you for example. A heart on the wall forgotten by a passerby with hope in his heart. What is meant by freedom?

Tomorrow is a new day. Gay

The names of the familiar ones I remember. The name of the unfamiliar one I have forgotten

Dee dah dole, everyone has a hole. Tip tap top. Jump the rock. Be brave. Grave

I say to him thank you. I say to myself it happens again. Statements like I love you for example

Everything in its place. There must be authority said the queen laughingly. The story of the mouse

A hat a cap a beret on a head on the coast. It was winter and there were birds. It was summer and the beach was empty

I thought if I leave now I'll be in bed at four o'clock. I thought yes I'll leave

Des choses tendres unter den laternen in der grossen stadt she fell on her ass and no dog came to pass

What are the contours of this valley? How do I measure the temperature?

Buh said the man, scream said the girlie, together they were lying in the grass. A cow in the meadow, a bull in the shadow. Tip tap top

Honesty compels me. Exhibitionism tempts me

A smoking cigarette on the ashtray waiting for a hungry mouth. The story of the pink mouse

Why do people do things of which they didn't think themselves capable? The smell lingers

I cannot differentiate whether it arose from a feeling or an image. You should know that people are people and dogs are dogs

It is a matter of energy transfer

Hi hi. Honey. From here to yonder. Sweetie. Little apple from the tree. Choco choco. Peppermint

Have we been to the laundry? Did we have another smoke today? Who must I fall in love with when you have gone away?

Hush now sweetface, we will remain friends until the end of time. That's exactly what I used to say

Do you want to suggest that we have not changed? How the clock is ticking at home is what makes it tick

Although I said more about me than about you when I talked about you the patient ears that listened to me have not understood this. Kiss after kiss 

With the candor of an infant

Tired sick glowworms move forward

Raised to slave away

The batteries almost discharged

Technology fulfills its obligations

Artificial meat never carries too much fat


Crawl back into the beautify room

Lickable colors

Parachute fantasies

Did you have expectations?

Can everyone claim the same amount of sympathy?

I will not start at the beginning

The dead are too far, to greet them now makes no sense
To revere them makes no sense. To fear them makes no sense. To recognize them makes no sense
Too far. No answer. No answer anymore

You hear and see nothing

Except for the rotten apple and the scrapes


Not true



Who makes the rules? Who makes the game?

After fire smoke

Does staying mean silting up? Does going mean flight?

All concern is egoistic. Is all concern egoistic?

The past has proven its worth, left large and small scars and occasionally missed its target

Has the past proven its worth, left large and small scars and occasionally missed its target?

Everyone leads a proper life

Everyone suffers a proper life

We do our best to be a couple. Do we our best to be a couple?

In a few years it will be a story

Long live the memories!

The food is ready. The food is finished

Excuse me

No discussion

No excuses. No allegations. No value judgments

What do you know?

What don't you know?

Keep distance

There are rules

You this

You that

I do recognize you

I do not you 

A smile about which you are not sure whether it obliges or lights up

A blown kiss to say adieu

Bargain hunters

Am I sitting on my couch
Whistle. Sing. Mumble
Beg. Work. Laugh
Search. Drink. Shoot

One swamp is not the other

Look. Look. Look. Look

An obedient stop at every yellow light

The safety belt keeps us in the right place

Clean toilets

Thousands of birds. Thousands of telephone wires

When it gets dark we go to sleep

More planes in the air than stars

The sos is drowned

It seems as if time stands still

Am I leaning against the wind
Mountain. Prairie. River

And then came the rain

Internal war

Weary wretchedness

I look in the mirror and did my eyes change?

Am I laughing scornfully
Streets. Halls. Books. People. Hotels
Shower. Wet. Dry. Warm. Newspaper

It makes no difference to anyone whether you are here or not

Posing without any idea what you are representing
Food. Money. Sex

Synchronic facts

Deeds of the day

Everyone has a past

Identity cards

Name. Place of birth. Date


Lies elicited from the silence

A patch of homesickness

The roses. The ships. The love

Paste around the mouth

Teeth. Face. Hands

Listen. Look. Brush off

A long week of rain

A lot of sadness

My heart does not always use a microphone and whispers, assuming it says anything that is worth listening to

Drops on the window

The clock is stuck to twenty to three

Am I standing on the street
Heat. Company. Attention
Home. Selfworth. Sex
Dissatisfaction. Loneliness. Unrest
Inspiration. Soundboard. Love

I will not start at the beginning

I am beginning to understand some of this world

Come to find out that you did not have to come to then find out that you had to come to find out that you did not have to come

Have you come to find out that you did not have to come?

To not know how cold it is

Sun. Wind. Snow

The desert route

A cold wind under a blazing sun

Am I sitting in the sand
Chat. Sweat. Shiver

Sun without sin

The sun colors, gives shadow, decolorizes until colors only can be guessed, at night

That blue

Pieces of land that have no name yet and thus evoke the illusion that they are being discovered by you

Deeper. Freakier. Harder

The area viewed through a photo camera

Choose position. Take her. Choose position. Take her once more. Leave the waterfront. Take along the branches 

Tea. Heat. Light

The birds with their white breasts facing the sun while at a distance the two black birds

The echo of the echo of the echo


Serpentined intestines

The seaway

Sea creatures

Sea sound. Land sound. Dark sound

Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive

Where were the birds sitting when there still weren't any telephone wires?

Where were the birds sitting when the fences had not yet divided the country into double the number of sides? I this side. You that side. She no side. He may sit numb

Everyone to a proper side. Everyone before a proper mirror. The first place. The last place. Everyone in a proper place. There must be authority said the queen weepingly

Look up. Walk the dog. Sweeten up. With an ice cream

The East is already thinking of rising

Why from here bring a chair? Over there they sit on a mat

Am I sitting on a mat
Talk. Laugh. Yawn

Memory without sin

Guilt without sin

Social responsibility I understand as honesty and alertness

Many a person talks about the masses as if talking about someone else

Through many a door the noise of the daily groove is heard

I did not ask what went on inside you

Keep it up and I cannot vouch for the consequences

Keep it up and perspectives abound

The West better stays another while in its own nest

You have to amuse yourself

Wavingly. Laughingly. Howlingly

An agreement is an agreement

What goes on behind the tight shadowy retina?


Philosophical. Psychological. Sociological. Biological


Feelings. Experiences. Ratio

Real. Substantial. Nice

Social duties

Sleep time. Toss time. Digest time

No connection between retina and brain. No connection between eardrum and brain. No connection between tongue and brain

Electrically charged sparks

Praise the raise

Social duties

Praise the raise

Morose. Gloomy. Depressed


Feelings are listed. Summed and divided. And it becomes clear how we should act, approach, respond

Invest in the future. Hope for enough money to buy a better I

Social indoctrination

A roll of drums fills the space. A blast of trumpets pushes the boundaries

Praise the raise

I do recognize you. I do not you

Hour. Fire. Liar

Praise the raise

Hand. Clap. Sign

Praise the raise

Undecayed unglory. Lust-free wanderlust. Insipid promises. Suspicious results

Commotion. Commotion. Commotion

Hard. Harder. Hardest. Heart

Was it good for you? Did you come?

Not too fast? Am I good?

Thick. Thicker. Thickest. Forever

Hard. Harder. Hardest. Heart

Praise the raise

The smell. The shine

A cable of happiness

By realizing loneliness togetherness becomes possible

He also does not recognize what he does not understand
But he has been to Turkey, or did he dream that?
His mother would laugh, but his girlfriend admires him

Long live the beard

At all times, whenever you want


Say who is cooking today?


I thought is it raining or is it that the people are unkind?

Excuse me

I went different route than I expected

Did you have expectations?

There are rules

At all times, whenever you want


What you say is what you are is what I wanted to say

Such a lascivious fruit. Such a filthy fruit

Such a rotten remark

Eating only sweet rolls doesn't make you grow

Give the doll a great big kiss. For to blame her would be a miss

Victory is near. Attack now

You know what you have to do. It has gone on long enough

You want to make it a matter of prestige. There you disappoint me

It is my pleasure to be of service to you

A street has two sides that rarely are both shined upon by the sun. It is more often that only one side is lit and heated, while the other side remains dark and cold

Time has many obligations

We undo our coats. We act like we are at home

The sweet toddler fell through the gate. She fell for a hour. That's how she turned sour

O dearest

I did not ask what went on inside you

Why wouldn't lines be allowed to cross each other?

Along lines along

Did I live again today on the tops of modal awareness

The lie of the truism uttered by the cripple who in the imagination is running a marathon

Did I sleep again today standing up lying down trying to diconnect the lines - barbed wire - pulling me from all sides. My head my underactive fastactive nonactive mass inside

Sheer up the little sister. Why bother. She reponds. It only looked like she did
Have we seen her passport? She has no passport
Why not? She is never asked for it

Whether I'm tired too? If I do not get any visitors, I am usually tired

The visitor to this world whose main concern is to not being exposed as a tourist


Autumn. Promises. Posts

Spring is over

The encounter did not come unexpected. Does come
Of course I would. Will
I did not wait. Do wait

The story of the brooding head lulled to death

The flaw of the deepest thought


The hope for a decisive experience

Without the effort of the tear

Born of loneliness. Born of pastime. Born of fun

Unique. Useful. Sensible


Run. Sob. Pant


Spring is over

I experience the conversations with emotional meaning not emotionally
The action remains the same
Mechanical. G
Refined. F

Directed outward. Directed inward

Silvered lingerie

When the light again shines we will see

Chest full of breasts. Smalltalk during the march

Not a big turnout yet. Mind your own business

What is the purpose? Beauty

Oblivion. My stomach. My heart. My apologies

I have no intention to influence you. You are new here?

An unfamiliar face I thought. Welcome

The encounter does not come unexpected. Did come
Of course I will. Would
I do not wait. Did wait

Do tell

Do not hesitate

Yes doubts grow yes

The whisper becomes a hurricane


Do you feel like you understand me?

You smell nice

What is the standard?

We'll make it cozy

Let me be your host

You thought this was your role?

Can I play?

I can be very convincing in pretending that I am a man

Thank you


Slightly spicy

One does what one has




What do you offer for my secret?

The head of the prophet

Chop off all those prophet heads!

The prisoner of the emperor

Trade off all those coins!

Money is money

The poisoning. What do you mean?

The addiction. Do you understand?

The habit

Not so irascible

There are rules

My rules

My stomach

My heart

Like a monkey

Take the lead

I must once again express my gratitude?

No disagreement please


Bribe. Ransom

With only good intentions, you will not make it

The affluent class

The spouses. I hear nothing

All-revealing photographs. I see nothing

The mouses. The barren plain

The white dress

The red spots

Everyone has the right to privacy

Everyone has a need for warmth

On the outside I still seem tranquil

Apparently I play on loss, but time plays banco

Where is the cherished boundlessness buried?

Ideals are there to be given up

What you dream is what you are is what I wanted to say

Once named, it becomes smaller in size than it internally is

The frustrated behavior can be very attractive as an expression of the unfamiliar

The role of hanger-on can become the role of spectator

The drab voyeur sans gĂȘne

Can you see behind the masquerade? Could?

Is it pathetic? Was?

Recognition brings confirmation but no renewal

Mummified thoughts

You may say eh. You may say ah. You may moan

Do you have anything more to say? No? Laugh then

Whistling also is allowed. Can you carry a tune?

Bare your teeth. Giggle

Smoke a cigarette


Love is a flower worth picking. A dance with the goose

Moved by the breath of pink air. Flowing on the clouds of winged words

Let it happen
We keep a diary of our dreams. We show it everywhere to be read. We show up everywhere
You say to the most diverse people that you love them. You get it said back to you. You know where you belong. A bolt from the magic
You know what happiness is. You stood open, stand. You hold on to it by all means, will
You know many words that like formulas you place one after the other. A mathematical problem. Happiness will be the outcome

Great thinkers. Great chaotics. Is it possible that maybe your brain has stored it all a bit distortedly?

How does she do it? How does he do it? How do we do it? How do I do it?

Unmentioned encounters. Blue and yellow flames

Am I burning and turning to ashes
Boils. Yellow teeth. Broken nails

For the duration of our visit we have all just on loan

Am I caring
For me. For the other. For the idea

Dear investigators of the heart

Making changes faster faster faster you walk past the change 

Am I put in my place place 7

You make an effort when you fantasize more than you experience

Lick the cream from your lips. Choose your role. Choose it better

I thought that that was my role. Is

The sentimental one

We act as if she is man. Was

What are the conditions? A pair of pants

Let it happen
We walk across markets. We stand in front of mirrors. We read books. We live until we die
You have an empty address book. You do not say hello to anyone when you enter a bar. You have an empty bed on Sundays and public holidays. You have many friends and you are not understood
You entertain yourself with philosophical minds. Cock-a-doodle-doo said the cock and cock rhymes with lock

Not all information comes through the heart in the head

A person real. A person idea

Everyone carries a drama within, to be traced back to either a cross-eyed mother or a bald father

Everyone carries a drama within, to be traced back to either a half-finished or an unfinishable crossword puzzle

The shackles of the body. The communication from wall to wall

Old questions again become new. Answers again are suspended between something and nothing

The again woman. The again man. I understand you

May I breathe? May I have a direction indicator?

Can I as memory only see some pictures in my mind's eye
The fresh youngster. The searching wanderer. The sloganshouting drunkard
The silent acceptor. The failed clown. The sex machine

Romance. Sentimentality. Fanaticism

Frail D-dance on sticks

The grinning face on top of rigid prescribed movements

The head without eyes, with telescope though

Speak your loftiest thoughts

Realize that the social creature strikes back ruthlessly as soon as the individual ventures an attempt 

And behind the steamed up window pane smilingly mister lonesome stands biding his time

And century after century the whore in the window frame has been singing the same refrain

Mouth closed. Cunt open

Am I lying in the display window
Crow. Screech. Shit

Do I know what I do not know. Do I know that

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