donderdag 31 juli 2014

he found himself on the toilet

He stands with his back against the wall
Slowly he swerves forward
slowly he swerves backward
And slowly forward
and slowly backward
He loses his balance
He almost falls,
but catches himself with a step
His feet find a comfortable position
The torso, the arms, the neck, the head

He pulls away from the wall
and moves towards the doorway
He moves slowly through the corridors
He seeks the gentlemen
he finds the gentlemen
He disappears through the door

He drops his pants
And sitting on the toilet
he comes to himself

Astonished he looks around
He doesn't know this is toilet
It is different from all the toilets he visited so far

Except for the size of the pot on which he is sitting
everything is strange to him
The pale yellow of the porcelain is strange to him
The gloomy dullness of the walls
The gloomy dullness of the floor
The gloomy dullness of the sink
Yes everything else
because everything else is gloomy

He kind of likes it
it is fitting for his situation

Not that this man is an angry gloomy man
No no no, he is not an angry gloomy man
he is a sunny cheerful man

And this is what bothers him
this is what bothers him this evening
Now that he is the visitor of a party 
Yes, a party of angry gloomy men
Also attented, of course, by angry gloomy women

What is this sunny cheerful man doing
here on this gloomy party?
And what is this sunny cheerful man doing
here on this gloomy toilet,
even if the pot is yellow?

has this yellow a specific meaning?
Could it be that among the angry gloomy men
and the angry gloomy women also 
a bright spot can be found?

Or is he supposed to represent the yellow element
in this gloomy mass?

A mirror
He must have a mirror
But oh oh
also the mirror is pale and dull

Shitmyass, it shitmyass looks like I'm drunk as a skunk

Yeah what is the matter with him?
He is no drinker. He is always perfectly sober
Which never did him any harm. On the contrary
On account of always having all his faculties in line for one hundred percent
he can always save himself from every situation. He is cool
That is what cheerful sunny women are looking for
And what else makes him tick
than cheerful sunny women?

His company maybe?

How could I possibly forget my company?

It must be the drink

Oh my head, oh shitmyass this head

So the mirror
The angry gloomies
the men
but also the women
are the ones to blame

Privatly unspoken he always had this reservation against these types
But a sunny cheerful man dares to be open to the new sometimes
A sunny cheerful man dares to succumb to the unexpected sometimes
Succumbing to the unexpected can even be called one of his principles
It would be too boring
He knows them, the kind that measures the days
He is not like that
Oh no, definitely not
He is adventurous
This is his charm
Something he is proud of
Not that he is a player
Oh no, definitely not
He always is perfectly sober
He always has complete control;
he has control over who he is
he has control over what he does
He knows himself

Only now they got him

The sly bitch, shitmyass the sly bitch

They must be smart, yes, those gloomies
How else can it be explained
that he ended up in this situation?
Is it not on account of he himself not being one of the dumb crowd,
that he acted decent when that woman invited him?

And here he is
With his brand new label pants shitmyass at his feet
With his cheerful yellow buttocks on a yellow toilet pot with pale dull seat
on which except for his cheerful buttocks only gloomy buttocks sat

He stands
He loses his balance
The toilet pot breaks his fall
His pants drag on the ground

Fuck shit fuck
Shitmyass this shit floor
this fucking filthy floor 

Yes here he sits
With a gallon of wine behind his lips
shitmyass a gallon of wine throughout his lithe cheerful body 
While there inside it goes on and on

He participated
He also danced
Together with this angry gloomy woman

I shitmyass carried on like a fucking tourist

Not that he cannot dance
He can dance with the best of them

I got myself shitmyass worked up by a bunch of cheap cigars

How could this possibly be happening to him?
Is he not mister cool?
Is he not nice mister ice-cool?

They're shitmyass a bunch of maniacs 
I shitmyass have been a complete joke

But wasn't there also a yellow element here somewhere?
The bright spot! Hell,
the yellow would be related to their gold rings. Gold rings
to disguise the fact that they have no golden hearts
to distract from the fact that they have angry gloomy hearts
Angry gloomy hearts that all have it in for him
He, the sunny cheerful man

It must be a trap
As the symbol for everything sunny and cheerful
he is going to be punished

Who dares to think
all what by now they have been plotting there inside?
Who dares to think
all what they still are plotting there inside?

I have to shitmyass get my ass outta here fast

Oh oh
do not forget to wipe the shitequipment
And yes yes
The toilet paper also is colorless pale

Where the shitmyass do these fucking weirdos get it from?

It all fits perfectly
this he can see

By the way, getting him drunk
was a brilliant first move
Although privatly unspoken he always had this dislike for them
he must hand it to them
Although privatly unspoken he always had this disdain for them
he realizes that none of them will be a pushover
The angry gloomies
the men
and also the women
no privatly spoken he has never trusted them no
He should have been aware
that they had plans for him

They will find out who they have picked
they will shitmyass find out

Didn't I always score A's for mathematics and physics?
I don't see many of those slimeballs doing the same! Ha!

He laughs,
but he remains alert

Are you in a tight spot, then you don't let anyone or anything distract you
Are you overpowered, then you don't grant your opponent a next move
They had the advantage of surprise 
Now he is forewarned
He will never underestimate them again

It kind of amazes him
that they leave him here alone like this

I must shitmyass rid myself of this soaked head

What can people who are drunk do
to quickly sober up?
A finger in the throat?
And then what about his jacket?

Hey shitmyass, what's that?

A little hole
He only notices it now
And yet he does have outstanding eyes
Excellent eyes

So it is not impossible
that all this time
someone has been watching
Has been peeking

How mean. Intensely mean
Just think how he has been conducting himself
Crazy. He has behaved crazy
But that was not him, that was the drink

It may even be
that behind that hole
someone is standing with a pin
A sharp pointed pin

With the palm of his left hand
he covers his left eye

Are they shitmyass thinking that I have my brains in my elbows?

I'll just go back inside and play their little game
Didn't I always have the main role in the annual theatrical production?

He tugs his belt
Smoothes his jacket
Stands at attention

One two three
Ready to attack
He can swallow them uncooked

He turns the lock
Pushes the handle down
And stiffens

It seems as if the handle is the volume regulator
of a one hundred watt amplifier
that by the movement of his hand is fully activated
It seems as if the toilet is the sound box
that is connected to the amplifier
and he is standing in its deafening center

With the palms of his hands
he covers his ears
Looks upwards
His neck craned
His mouth agape

By the ten twenties hundreds
he sees them

Bunch of buttlickers, as if I don't see you
And you too bitch, you dirty rotten sly shitbitch
Grin yes, that comes easy to you
that comes easy to them shitmyass they're expert grinfaces
But ho ho who do you shitmyass think I am?
I'll get them shit shit shitmyass I'll get them
you hear me? eh? eh? yes grin
Damned bunch of grinfaces shitmyass bunch of
Oh and they can spit too, they like spitting too, you bunch of cowards
shitmyass with all against one yes spit spit shit shitmyass, why not
but you won't do me in
Ha! I'm going to shitmyass sit on your filthy yellow pot 
and you do shitmyass what you have to do

I'll just like pretend that I'm shitting
No. I keep my pants on
That's what the dirty asswatchers would like huh?

He tries to sit down
And when he has succeeded
the volume of the sound gradually decreases
The spitting also stops
And the light regains its normal strength

He dares to have another look up

They are gone. Gone

Then, while his eyes are scanning
the gloomy ceiling,
the door opens
He turns his head
and looks in her face

Hers of all faces

She moves her lips

What is keeping you so long,
you sunny cheerful man?
he hears
did you think that an angry gloomy woman
is put off so easily?

© mc 1972-2014

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